Please find below a listing of the members of the Independent Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association (IP&HCA).

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Contractor Members as of February 14, 2024

Christal Mechanical
160 Cidermill Ave., Unit 16
Vaughan, Ontario
L4K 4K5
Mr. Joe Raspa
Bus: (905)-761-3246
Fax: (905)-761–8565
Dasa Mechanical Int. Ltd.
8301 Jane St. Unit 7-8
Concord, Ontario
L4K 5P3
Mr. Achille Carinci
Bus: (905)-660–7666
Fax: (905)-660–7309
N. DeLuca Plumbing Ltd.
32 Silton Road, Unit 1
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 8N3
Mr. Nick DeLuca
Bus: (905)-851–9159
Fax: (905)-851–9971
Downsview Plumbing & Heating Co. Ltd.
4299 Queen St. E
Brampton, Ontario
L6T 5V4
Mr. Frank Quattrociocchi
Bus: (905)-794–1167
Fax: (905)-794–1378
Elitrex Plumbing Ltd.
120 Sharer Road
Vaughan, Ontario
L4L 8P4
Mr. Massimo Arduini
Bus: (905)-264–7418
Fax: (905)-264–7690
Icon Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
25 Brodie Drive, Unit #9
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3K7
Mr. Mike Ladisa
Bus: (905)-737–7700
Fax: (905)-737–7733
Leader Plumbing & Heating Inc.
91 Haist Avenue, Unit 3
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 5V5
Mr. David Breda
Bus: (905)-264–1162
Fax: (905)-264–1163
Nova Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
144 Romina Drive
Concord, Ontario
L4K 4Z7
Mr. Adelchi Franzolini
Bus: (905)-738–0390
Fax: (905)-738–5099
Pave Plumbing Contractors Ltd.
360 Enford Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 3G1
Mr. Pat DiStefano
Bus: (905)-737–1262
Fax: (905)-883–6214
Riva Plumbing Limited
498 Markland Street, Unit #3
Markham, Ontario
L6C 1Z6
Mr. Luca Montanaro
Bus: (905)-764–2900 ext 123
Fax: (905)-881-1901
Roma Plumbing Ltd.
200 Edgeley Blvd., Unit 13
Concord, Ontario
L4K 3Y8
Mr. Angelo Porretta
Bus: (905)-660–0408
Fax: (905)-660–5013
Vitullo Plumbing Ltd.
121 Bradwick Drive, Unit #3
Concord, Ontario
L4K 1K5
Mr. Pat Vitullo
Bus: (905)-669–2843
Fax: (905)-669–2887

Associate Members as of November 27, 2018

Emco Corporation
33 Pippin Road, Unit #1
Concord, Ontario
L4K 5P4
Bus: (905)–761-1833
Fax: (905)-761-2118
Yorkwest Plumbing Supply Inc.
201 Aviva Park Drive
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 9C1
Bus: (905)–856-9466
Fax: (905)–265-1934
Riobel Inc.
11 Cidermill Avenue, Unit #5
Concord, Ontario
L4K 4B6
Sean Ingrahm
Bus: (905) 760-9009
Fax: (905) 760-1292